SLS 1 BR Duplex Apartment in Downtown

AED 1,857,888.00
AED 1,857,000.00

SLS Dubai will be one of the tallest hotels and residences in the region spread over 75 floors with a signature rooftop nightlife venue, Privilege.

The overall honeycomb design of the facade not only adds a unique character to the project but is designed to capture the breathtaking, uninterrupted views of the Burj Khalifa, downtown Dubai, Business Bay and the Dubai Creek.

Two magnificent infinity pools are situated atop the 75 story structure, offering an incomparable 360 degree view of Dubai, making the pools not only among the highest in the city, but also globally.
Some Unique features of the project are:

– Heightened over 3m ceilings in simplex and duplex floors
– Over 7m ceiling height in loft apartments
– Integrated ample living terraces with guaranteed privacy
– Unobstructed city views from every apartment
– Fully soundproofed indoor spaces
– Built in storage in every apartment
– Built in appliances by Electrolux
– Italian Porcelain floors
– Rainfall showers

Downtown, Dubai

Facts and Features
Single Family
Year Built
Swimming pool

Floor Plans
First Floor
3 Beds
2 Bath
2.500 sqft

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